Bill Pearce

Bill was born May 20, 1926 in Carlisle, PA into a religious and musical family. Bill’s father, Rowan was a Methodist minister that had his own daily radio program, “Christian Voices,” in the Philadelphia area. On this early radio program, Bill’s mother, Almeda, played the piano and sang, Bill and his brother Rowan,Jr. and his sister, Jeanne played in a brass trio. Bill started playing the trombone at 10 years of age.

Bill followed in his father’s footsteps both in ministry and service to our country. Bill enlisted in the Marine Corps just after World War II started. After boot camp and jungle training Bill expected to serve in the Pacific theater until he auditioned for the Marine Corps band. He turned in his rifle for a trombone. Bill entertained Navy and Marine Corps troops until his discharge.

After the war Bill settled in Chicago and attended the Moody Bible Institute until he was hired to work at Moody’s station, WMBI. In the 1960’s, while at WMBI, Bill hosted a late night radio program called “Nightwatch”. In the 1970’s, Bill founded Bill Pearce Associates and started syndicating Nightsounds.

Today Nightsounds is broadcast each weeknight on more than 300 radio outlets across the country, Canada and overseas.

Because the Nightsounds radio audience spans generations, the program is structured to remain on the air for many years. Bill’s ministry will continue not only with Nightsounds, but through vocal and instrumental recordings and his published writings. Bill’s music ministry included vocal and trombone recordings with Dick Anthony, The Melody Four Quartet and the 16 Singing Men, in addition to numerous solo sacred music albums.

In 1992, Bill was inducted into the National Religious Broadcaster’s Hall of Fame in recognition of his many accomplishments in radio broadcasting.