Don Gossett


Raised in a godless home, Don hungered for the purity of Jesus and was born again at age 12. Five years later, he answered the Lord’s call to spread the Gospel and his goal was to win his own unbelieving family members to Christ. The Lord delivered Don from a life-long speech impediment and launched him into preaching ministry. While a teen-aged Bible college student, Don’s heart burned with such a passion to win people to Jesus that he began preaching in parks, small churches and anywhere people would listen.

A naturally gifted writer, Don’s abilities came to the attention of his first mentor, William Freeman, one of America’s leading healing evangelists of the late 1940’s. Evangelist Freeman invited Don to serve with him for the next seven years as editor of his popular magazine and to travel with him across America as his personal assistant, afternoon service speaker and crusade manager.

Don apprenticed with famous evangelist, T.L. Osborn. Reverend Osborn attested to the integrity and growing anointing in Don’s life and encouraged him to launch into his own evangelistic ministry. T.L. Osborn lovingly refers to Don “my friend for a lifetime.”

God has used Don Gossett mightily to pioneer and pen life-changing truths and revelations of the power of the spoken word and praise in classic works such as “What You Say Is What You Get, “My Never Again List,” There’s Dynamite In Praise,” “The Power of Your Words” and “Words That Move Mountains ” (the last two with E.W. Kenyon) among others. His writings, translated into 18 languages, now exceed 25 million in worldwide distribution.

Don’s life and ministry has been that of a victor, marked by the humility and boldness of Jesus. He has recorded this overcoming life message in sought-after audio series such as “I’m Sold On Being Bold and “Living Without Fear.” His acclaimed daily radio broadcast, Bold Bible Living, began in 1961 and has been released in 89 nations.

Around the world, laymen and national leaders alike have been touched and inspired by Don’s life and integrity as evidenced in his preaching and writing ministry. Many acknowledge him as their “spiritual father,” gratefully proclaiming the life-changing influence of Don’s writings in launching their ministries. As a missionary evangelist, Don has personally ministered in 55 nations with signs and wonders following the Word of God. This year, 2011, Don marks 63 years of full-time ministry.

Don, and his first wife, Joyce, had five children: Michael, Judy, Jeanne, Donnie and Marisa. In 1991, Joyce went to be with the Lord and daughter, Judy, joined her mother in Heaven in 2003. With renewed compassion and vigor, Don continues to seek for people to saved, healed, delivered and anointed for the Lord’s service. Many great men of God has prophesied, “Don, your best is yet to come!”

In 1995, Don joyfully united in marriage with Debra, who brings to this “husband and wife ministry team” a calling to the nations and years of dedication to the Lord as a worship leader and teacher of the Word.

Together, they heeded the call to minister around the globe and spent much of their time away from their bases in White Rock, B.C., Canada and Blaine, WA, USA. Don and Debra, although still very active in their radio ministry, teaching of the Word and gospel publications, thoroughly enjoy their eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren including those who are in full-time ministry in India.

Don and Debra gladly pour their lives, love and experience in the Word of God to show others how to live fulfilling and victorious lives. The Holy Spirit moves through them to reach and touch and confirm God’s Word with signs following.

Don and Debra desire for you what God desires for you: that you would come to know the Father intimately through the saving and delivering blood of Jesus Christ and that you would be inspired and empowered to reach your full destiny in Him.