Perry F. Rockwood

Pastor Perry F. Rockwood was saved as a young man in 1936, and was immediately called of the Lord to preach the Gospel. The Lord burdened his heart for the lost multitudes on the way to Hell. In 1943, he was ordained into the ministry of the Presbyterian Church. He was taken up on public trial in 1947 by the presbytery in Halifax for preaching four sermons against the apostasy in the church, and consequently resigned. Our pastor then launched out by faith the same year in starting The Peoples Gospel Hour.

Pastor Rockwood continued as Director of The PGH and Pastor of Missionary Bible Church on Kent Street in Halifax. Often when asked, “When will you retire?”, Pastor Rockwood liked to respond, “When the Devil retires!” He was promoted to glory on March 7th, 2008. He is greatly missed by all of us who had the privilege to serve the Lord with him. We, as a staff have determined to continue the radio ministry, making no change and simply to follow the old paths. We pray that the ministry will continue till Jesus comes and that the Lord will give us a harvest of souls.

Pastor Rockwood started the PGH radio ministry in 1947. The first radio program aired September 5th over CKCL, a radio station in Truro, Nova Scotia. The Lord has blessed and grown the radio ministry over the past 61+ years.