Goads & Well Driven Nails

Goads & Well Driven Nails
Goads & Well Driven Nails

What makes "Goads and Well-Driven Nails" unique?
There are very good radio and internet speakers and ministries. Some are strongly evangelistic, some predominately pastoral and others speak well to contemporary issues. Goads and Well-Driven Nails, we dare say, is strong in all areas. It is first of all Christ-centered and has an evangelical appeal in every message. It is also pastoral, food for the believer so to speak. It is expository as well and covers nearly every book of the bible. (we hope to add messages on a continual basis until it is complete).  Lastly, Pastor Aicken is not shy to point out the doctrinal errors and heresies  within the Christian church and the folly of life outside of Jesus Christ.

Tom Aicken
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