Streaming Help

Streaming KARI works best in a modern browser that supports HTML5 audio and AAC audio.

Supported browsers include recent versions of:

  •   Mozilla Firefox (Requires Windows 7 or later, also works on mobile)
  •   Google Chrome (including mobile)
  •   Apple Safari (including mobile)
  •   Opera (excludes Opera Mini on mobile)
  •   Microsoft Edge (Requires Windows 10)
  •   Amazon Silk for Amazon devices

Internet Explorer 9 (and above) is supported, but for the best audio quality we recommend a browser above. Please allow up to 30 seconds for the media player to connect when using Internet Explorer.

Some Misc. Tips:

  • Unsure what browser you’re currently using? Visit to easily find out.
  • If you are noticing that your web stream seems to have gotten out of sync with what should be airing at a given time, try clearing your browser cache (How To), and then refreshing the page.


If you are still having issues after ensuring you are running a supported browser or device as listed here, you can email us using the contact form below and we will try and help you with your issue.